Forum Question: Can’t view TV programs on iMac

Do i need any device to view TV programs on my iMac. I have a Hauppauge! HD PVR and using EYE TV 3.4.3. all though I do have a HD-DVR box from my cable company. I tried using just EYE TV and the HD PVR and did not work, although in EYE TV app I do see my TV program schedule, but when I try to view a TV program on my iMac i7 a window pops up and tells me their is no signal. I don’t have a any problem capturing gaming video to my iMac. Don’t get very good support from Elgato. Thank you, Richard

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    11/21/10 @ 6:40 pm

    I don’t use either of those products. But what do they require? Probably a standard old-fashioned cable hook-up. Most cable nowadays is digital and they require their own proprietary box to decode and present the picture. So you have to watch through their box. A device like those you mentioned may never work, unless you just take the out from the cable box and pump that into your computer through them as video. But you would have to control the channel on the box, not in your Mac.

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