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Capture audio from the video track and re-install that audio

I have a project that i made 3 or 4 slow-motion clips and the audio is now in slow motion.
How do i capture that clips regular audio and re-install it in the slowmotion
clip then lower or delete the slow motion audio?
Peter Lelievre

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    10 years ago

    I assume you mean in iMovie.
    You can use the Detach Audio menu item and remove the audio from the clips in the project before you change the speed. The audio won’t match the speed of the video anymore, of course, but I assume you have taken that into account.

      Peter L
      10 years ago

      Where do i find the detach audio menu?

    Peter L
    10 years ago

    i found the detach audio clip section but it’s not highlited

      10 years ago

      You have to select a clip in the project (upper) area first.

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