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Dear Gary,

I have a memory card reader that works fine with windows. My MacBook Pro however doesn’t recognize it. Do I need a driver for this? The vendor (Amazon) doesn’t supply driver. The card is:
Memory Card Reader Mini SD MMC Mobile SDHC M2 TF XD CF.

Many thanks,


— Dav

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    9/10/10 @ 6:01 am

    I’ve had many card readers over the years, and they have all worked fine in Macs. You shouldn’t need any drivers, and if you do, they should be on the manufacturer’s site. Not sure who the manufacturer is for your device though.
    I plugged the name you gave and “mac” into a Google search and one review that came up pointed out that it works differently on the Mac: you need to insert a card into the device or it doesn’t show up in the Finder — that makes sense, of course. You may want to try the search yourself to see if other bits of info show up.

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