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Change You Customize Accent Colors Per App?

Is there a way that you can choose the accent color of an app?
Or does choosing “Multi-color accent” just choose for you?
Not seeing a way to make this happen.

I’m in Pages a lot and the orange accent was “in my face”. However, I do enjoy the variety and color changes.
Not a big deal, just selected blue for the system as of now.
Big sure is really cool! A huge step up…I think.
I’m also hoping Big Sur is a platform for some really nice app updates, and enhancements for 20121, fingers crossed.

Comments: 2 Responses to “Change You Customize Accent Colors Per App?”

    3 years ago

    Choosing the Multi-color accent will let the apps use their own built-in developer-decided highlight color. Otherwise, you can choose your own and it will apply to any apps that obey that setting.

    I hope that at some point apps like Pages will include the highlight and accent colors in their own preferences. I like the variety too, but I'm no necessarily a fan of all of the default choices.

    3 years ago

    Thanks Gary. I agree that there is such a thing as too many choices. With Mac there are many for the same function! A little maddening sometimes, but better than no choice for sure.
    I am a little surprised that accent color is not a per app preference choice. Then again I know nothing as to what that would mean, or take in terms of coding, scripting, or programming or whatever that would encompass.

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