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Changing “ownership” Of iPad Air 2?

Besides my iMac Sierra, I own an iPad Air 2.
I want to give it to my spouse so that “nothing” related to my iMac is present in the iPad.
Q1: What do I have to do? I presume that she will have to create an Apple ID for herself and follow from there.
Q2: Would it be a good idea to consult a “genius” at my local Apple store?
Q3: Are there instructions (written or otherwise) somewhere? ….?
Thanks in advance.

Fernando J. B. GonƧalves

Comments: One Response to “Changing “ownership” Of iPad Air 2?”

    7 years ago

    I would back it up to your Mac. Make sure you have everything from it that you need -- chances are it is all in your iCloud account anyway, but some apps give you the chance to store things locally as well.
    Then I would go into Settings and sign out of everything: iCloud, iTunes, App Store, FaceTime (don't forget that one!) and everything else you find.
    Then reset it to factor settings when you are ready. Here's some info on how to do that:
    Then, yes, she should get her own Apple ID if she doesn't have one. Set it up while setting up the iPad.

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