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Clean Install_No .dmg’s

Hi everyone. I’m about to do a reinstall on my Leopard (10.5.8) and some of my older 3rd party software is lacking the .dmg’s to reinstall the software. My question is after I’ve backed up everything and after the reinstall is complete, do I need the .dmg’s to reinstall those 3rd party apps again? Most of them are outdated (but they are the ones that I don’t want to lose). So it is near impossible to go to the websites (some of which no longer exist) to redownload the older versions or they are just nowhere to be found. Thanks much in advance for any enlightenment;-)
Michael Boatwright

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    11 years ago

    It is hard to know what will happen. For some, it will be as simple as putting the application file back into the Applications folder. But others will need supporting files in the Library folder too -- and it is difficult to know which files re needed as they are not always named the obvious thing.
    For other software you'll find it is impossible no matter what you do because things are also set up in the Preferences folder when you install, and just copying the files won't do it properly.
    So there is no way to guarantee that you'll be able to place the software back in working order.
    No way to know until you actually try it -- none that doesn't involve just getting a new Mac.
    So perhaps reconsider doing the re-install if these apps are critical to you.

      11 years ago

      Thanks much for that important info, Gary. I will definitely keep that in mind. Very much appreciated.


    Mr Anthony Cotton
    11 years ago

    I am glad you shed some light on this topic. I thought the Application would not work without the dmg`s so i have all the dmg`s in a folder.
    One thing for sure i am on ML now,and i had the old Window`s Media Player,and just last week i was just going to use it when a message popped up saying that this would not work with ML. I was a bit disappointed, because it came in handy to play video in this Format,and i had the dmg. Even Photoshop is different like the icon`s,and quite a lot of the other stuff. I guess that it would make Photoshop look more prettier?

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