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Clean-up My I-Mac, Is There a Book Of Directions?

In the January 2019 edition of MacLife there were directions about cleaning up, but can’t find find a copy anywhere. It has to be simple because I’m over 90 years of age.
Don Schimmels

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    2 years ago

    What do you mean by “cleaning up?”

    If you mean going through your files, photos, contacts and other data and getting rid of things you don’t want anymore, then there is nothing special to it. You just go through you things in your spare time and clean up, like you would cleaning a room in your house.

    If you mean using a cleaning app or something to perform maintenance on your Mac, then this is also simple — don’t do it. You don’t need to get any special cleaning app for you Mac. In fact, most of them (all?) are a waste of money at best, and may cause you problems and make things worse.

    There is also nothing special that you need to do otherwise. There are no special cleaning techniques or maintenance functions you need to perform as a typical Mac user.

    One word of advice though: Your Mac will do things while it sleeps. It will back up to Time machine. It will perform system maintenance. It will do Spotlight indexing and such. If you are in the habit of shutting down your Mac as soon as you are done using it, and starting it up just before you need it, then change that habit. Let it sleep. In fact, you should almost never shut down a Mac. Just let it sleep when you aren’t using it.

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