Forum Question: colour wheel downloading music

i was downloading some music from a site but when i wanted to play it the mac book is getting hanged !! ie the colour wheel starts rotating…this was never the problem before .. i cannot force quit the i tunes too the arrow does not appear!! pls help in analyzing the problem and how to solve it.. thanks

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    3/23/11 @ 10:12 pm

    So iTunes is frozen? Try force-quitting it by pressing Command+Option+Esc.
    What try of files are they? Do other music files cause iTunes to freeze?

      3/24/11 @ 5:39 am

      i forced quit but why does happen when i download music i used to download a lot of music until this happened?? can u pinpoint the problem and how to solve it?? thanks its an mp3 file i think… i do not know if other files cause the i tune to freeze as these r the only files i dowmload….. thanks

        3/24/11 @ 7:25 am

        Hard for me to say without being there to see it. Perhaps have a Mac expert (Genius Bar?) take a look.

          3/24/11 @ 9:37 am

          hi gary
          as i called the expert at home to see the problem he says os problem…. sol== formatting is it right pls give your opinion thanks

    4/8/11 @ 8:48 am

    are you sure it’s an mp3 file? where are you downloading file?

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