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Common Fonts In Pages Between iPad and Mac

Is there a list of fonts common to iPad and a Mac computer that stay constant when documents are sent through iCloud?
Bruce McLaughlin

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    12 years ago

    On the Mac side of things, you can add or remove any fonts you want. So it is impossible to say from that side.
    But on iOS, there are specific fonts. Those and only those are available in Pages for iOS. There is a great list of them here:

    Larry Baumiller
    11 years ago

    That's no good! I use Lydian for lyrics & music docs. (because the small 'b' is exactly the same as a 'flat'.) So there's no point using iCloud; ruins all my formatting without my Lydian font. But now I'm trapped in iOS6 & Mt.Lion Pages; iCloud storage is too font limited! Why can't we upload a font along with a doc.? If I'm wrong, and we can, tell me how!

      11 years ago

      Nothing has changed with iCloud. The problem is simply that the font you want isn't available on the iPad. That was true before iCloud too.
      So if you want to use that font, just stick to using it on your Mac only. Converting the doc to an iPad Pages document means it needs to find another font since that font isn't available on the iPad.

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