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Company flashing while incoming calls possible?

I have an iPhone 4. Suppose I add a contact “John Smith.” Now this is someone whom I’ve met once and will interact with fleetingly. More important is the fact that he’s the guy from AAA car insurance. His name doesn’t ring a bell but if I stored it as John Smith AAA Insurance, I’d know it’s him when he calls. But what I want is to store AAA Insurance as his company, not an addition to his name. But when he calls, it’ll just say John Smith Calling, and I’d be like ‘Who??’
Any way of showing the company for incoming calls? Long question, I know, but just wanted to give context in case anyone wondered why I’d want that.

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    10 years ago

    Just delete his name. Delete his first and last name in the contact, but leave the company name. Add his name to the notes for the contact if you like.
    In Address Book on a Mac you can set a contact to be a company or person. But it looks like on the iPhone you can’t change that setting, you can only add one or both. Maybe try adjusting it in Address Book if you use a Mac and see what happens.

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