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Conditional Highlighting the Lowest Cell In a Row?

I’m wondering how to Highlight a single cell in a row, when it is the lowest number in the row.
Is this possible? as i can’t seam to create my own rule like i would in excel.

looking to compare prices for products from several stores so have products in each row them have prices from stores in columns so want it highlight the lowest price for the row.
Michael B

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    2 years ago

    First, calculate the minimum value. A good place to do this is in a footer cell. So add a row at the bottom, make it a footer row, and put the formula MIN(B) in it, assuming this is column B. So now you have your minimum value there at the bottom.

    Then select all of the cells in column B, minus the header and footer cells (just double-click on the letter B at the top to do this quickly). Now apply the conditional highlighting to these cells in Format, Cell on the right. Click the Conditional Highlighting button. Then add a rule for "Numbers" and "Equal To" and then instead of entering in a value, click the little button inside the field at the right. Now you can select the footer cell with that minimum value. Then set the style to Bold or a color or whatever.

    Now the footer cells shows the minimum value, and the cells that match it get the highlight.

    Another way to do this is to forget about conditional highlighting altogether and have a new column, say C, where you have a formula like this in all cells:

    IF(B2=MIN(B),"Lowest Price!","")

    Then you get the message in column C for the proper row. This works without a footer row and also allows you to have other columns for other comparisons, like the highest price, etc.

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