Forum Question: Confusion with Hoem calendar and Mobileme default Calendar

I’m using Mobileme to sync my iCal on Lion with my iPhone 4. On my Ical I have a calendar called ‘Home’ which is ‘On My Mac;’ I want to sync this as well as a sports fixtures calendar to my iphone, but the iphone is syncing only the Mobileme Calendar called ‘Calendar’…. how do I equate the ‘Calendar’ to ‘Home’? I don’t want to take all my entries and change their calendar from ‘Home’ to Mobileme Calendar, but is that the only way?

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    8/25/11 @ 2:23 pm

    So you have two different calendars: “Home” (On My Mac) and “Calendar” (MobileMe). Simply add both to both locations: in iCal on your Mac and in the Calendar app on your iPhone. Check in your iTunes settings for that iPhone when you sync to see if your On My Mac calendars are set to sync.
    Or, better still, create a new calendar on MobileMe (use iCal on your Mac) and then start using that instead of the Home calendar. I can’t see a reason why you would want to use a local calendar when you have MobileMe and can use calendars that sync wirelessly and are backed up “in the cloud.”

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