Forum Question: Connecting a HP 5600 to a Network

I have a G4 Quicksilver, Macbook g4 17″, Apple AirPort Extreme and an HP 5600 all-in-one printer. I have both the computers connected to the internet and that works. What do I need to do to get the printer connected to the airport and get both computers to connect to it?

— Joe Heckman

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    2/13/10 @ 9:47 am

    That’s very specific to the printer. The HP 5600 should come with documentation about what you need to do. Is it a network-capable printer? Some printers connect directly to single computer via USB, and others connect directly to the network. If it connects to a computer, then you can use Bonjour printer sharing to allow the other Mac to print to it if both computers are awake. If it connects to the network, then you probably need to follow the instructions and possibly need to install HP software on your Macs so they can see and configure the printer over the network. Check the HP site for that printer to see if they have any information there.

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