Forum Question: Connecting iPad to a Window WorkGroup?

Is there any way to connect to a Windows work group with the iPad? I want to be able to connect and move files and photos from my home Windows XP computer… one would think this was doable and then also share a network printer….

Any ideas? or and I just crazy.. :-)

— Jon

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    5/31/10 @ 9:09 am

    Even if you could do this, what would you do with the files? Files on the iPad are documents specific to each app. There isn’t a general file system, like the Finder. So it would be up to a specific app to connect to something like a Windows Work Group and do something with those files.
    I’m not at all familiar with “Windows work groups” so I am not sure how they differ from normal file sharing.
    As for sharing a printer, there are some printers that have apps for this. Canon and HP come to mind. Other printers can be accesses with apps like PrintCentral.

    8/5/10 @ 9:51 pm

    Search for an app call file browser….works on file sharing….i use it with my airport extreme…

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