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With my old laptop, I made a big mistake. I plugged in my iphone and my itunes opened. I hit restore and lost everything on my iphone (business/personal contacts from the last year, ugh, nightmare) So I bought and Imac so i could backup all my contacts from my iphone. Now when i connect my iphone to my imac, itunes opens and shows my phone. i am so afraid to sync my phone to my itunes because I cannot lose my contacts again.
it gives options, like all contacts, select groups, contacts outside of groups. what do i need to select and how can i absolutely make sure i will not lose all the contacts currently on my iphone?????

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    7/26/11 @ 10:33 am

    So you re-entered your contacts on your iPhone, and only on your iPhone? So they don’t exist anywhere else?
    This is tricky. A lot depends on what you have going on — for instance, are you using MobileMe, Google Gmail, or Exchange? If so, then you may already be syncing your contacts with one of those cloud systems. And there are others.
    It is hard to advise without walking through exactly the same steps with exactly the same setup as you currently have. Sorry I can’t be of more help.
    Perhaps doing this at the Apple Store where someone can help you first hand will be best. Or, you can just try to make the best choices and hope it works.
    One thing you may want to do is to refuse the sync. Then right+click on the iPhone in iTunes (on the left) and see if it will let you back up your iPhone. If so, then you can always restore it to that backup later on if your contacts get wiped.
    But all the news isn’t bad. Most likely when you sync you will simply transfer those contacts over to your Mac and all will be fine. Most likely.

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