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Cookie management

I am a long time PC user and recent Mac convert. In the PC world I am used to using cookie management software to get rid of spy cookies, etc.

What is the best way to manage cookies on the Mac?

— Frenchman

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    10 years ago

    In Safari you can just go to Safari Preferences, Security. There you can look at your cookies and delete any you want. You can search through them too.

      10 years ago

      Is it ok to periodically hit the “Delete All” icon when viewing my Safari cookies? Otherwise I am not sure what individual cookies I would want to delete. Over time there get to be a lot of duplicates.

        10 years ago

        Depends what you mean by “ok” — I don’t do it because it would erase too many useful things. Many of the Web sites I visit would then think I’ve never been there before and I’d need to set preferences up again on them.

    Luke Thoms
    10 years ago

    I’m a long time PC user too. I downloaded this cool FREE (truly free) called Onyx for Snow Leopard. This will get rid of your cookies and useless sludge that will slow down your computer. Also most people say you don’t need to defrag a MAC. i don’t “feel right” unless I do so monthly. I downloaded iDefrag for $30 and it really does a good job. Actually the analysis showed a great deal of defragmented files. Maybe that had to do with using BOOT CAMP which I absolutely hated so I got rid of it. (I’m using Parallels now). I also noticed a pick up in speed after doing it.

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