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about a month ago the Hard Drive in my ’09 iMac was replaced by Apple at the Apple Store. Oddly, my cooling fan is way busier now than before the replacement. My iMac used to be very quiet. only massive ext HD file management, or an evening with Aperture or imovie would ramp it up—and not to this speed! It reminds me of my PC! lol.
if I shutdown/restart, or sleep for a bit it starts off nice and quiet. but very soon it ramps up without even the slightest bit of processor intensity. I even called Apple Care and they recommended shutting down, unplugging, let sit idle for a few minutes and start up….nope.
so I am bothered by this. Performance wise, my imac seems ok. but i do miss the quiet operation I got comfortable with. The loud operation just seems to detract from the user experience, and has a psychological affect that the machine is laboring even if it may not be.
Is there a way to remedy this?
Rich O

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    11/11/10 @ 1:21 pm

    It could be that the new drive runs hotter than the old. Or, it could be that fits differently making it harder for heat to escape. Or, it could be that something in the inside moved slightly too.
    Your only real option is to take it back to the Apple Store where you had it fixed and tell them about the problem.
    Of course it could be unrelated to that and you’ve got something else (a background process) causing the heat up.

      Rich O
      11/13/10 @ 6:28 pm

      thanks I will look into your suggestion and perhaps follow up with you here on this post. thanks for your info.

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