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Copy and Paste Function In Numbers?

This question was posted in Reddit and I am reproducing the same here:

Anyone know about Mac OS Numbers? Trying to figure out a particular function from MacOS

Anyway, I’m looking to create a function where, when a box is checked it copies & pastes values in that row to corresponding rows in a records sheet.
Though there are lots of reference options and look-up options available in the functions, I can’t seem to find a simple “copy paste” function, that would allow me to delete the “copied” contents & preserve the “pasted” contents, if that makes sense.
Kishore kumar

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    2 years ago

    Formulas in spreadsheets, whether it is Numbers, Excel, or Google Docs, will perform calculations based on data in other cells and show you the result. But they will not reach out to other cells to change what is in those cells. They pull data in and display a result.

    You can use other things, not formulas, to change what is in cells. As others suggest, you can use scripting in both Excel and Numbers to do this kind of thing. But that takes a lot more work and know-how.

    Another way to go is to back up and look at what you are trying to do and why. What is your goal with this spreadsheet? What are these values and what do they represent? Sales? Blood pressure readings? Student test scores? Why do you want to move the values? Are they always in the exact same cells? Going to the exact same cells?

    You may think that you have figured out what you need, but if it requires a button that moves values around for you then a spreadsheet isn’t going to do it. But perhaps it does’t require that at all. So describe what you are doing and maybe I can help.

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