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i have many dvd s of movies what will be the best way to copy them on my mac and i can see them later
should i do it in i movies or on the desk top in folders but there i will need to rename as all the movies have mpegav format and all the files have the name AVSEQ01.DAT

— nirja

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    4/23/10 @ 6:08 am

    What type of DVDs are these? They sound like data DVDs with video filesmon them, correct? It would be unusual for video files to have extensions like .dat. Are you sure the actual files are those, or some others in a subfolder?
    It sounds like you want to convert’ll need something suitable for lots of conversions, like maybe VLC or FFMpegX or MPEGStreamClip.

    Nick Moye
    6/11/11 @ 9:00 pm

    Hello Gary,
    I am also look for the best software to take dvd movies and put them on my iPad for viewing. Can you please recommended a good one?
    Nick M. >

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