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Create Guest Network In Time Machine

On the newest software it seems that I am unable to create a Guest network. How do I do this ?
Nigel Datta

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    7 years ago

    You would do this from your Mac using the Airport Utility app. Run that app, then select your Time Capsule. Click the Edit button that then appears.
    Then click on the Wireless section of the controls. Under that, the bottom half of that screen lets you set up a guest network. You assign a name, security type and password.
    Now it is very important to realize that you must have a regular main network before you create a guest one. For instance, if your Time Capsule is set to extend a network on the top of the wireless settings screen, then I don’t think you can create a guest network. In addition, if you have set your Time Capsule up completely as a pass-through router (Bridge mode under network) then you probably can’t do it either. In Bridge mode your Time Capsule is just letting your cable or DSL router assign IP addresses. So it is just extending the cable or DSL network, not creating networks of its own.

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