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Create Self Executing DVD?

I have a family vacation video (m4v) that I want to put on DVD. All I want is that the recipient of the DVD can inset the disc in their drive and have it play automatically. I’ve tried using iDVD but it wants to create a menu requiring the user to select the video of interest. Is there an easy way (without purchased software) to create a self executing / playing DVD? Thx in advance…
Carlos Rivera

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    3 years ago

    For this, it would just be a matter of finding the right software to do it. Probably something you would have to purchase. You can start by looking at the apps in the Mac App Store that allow you to create video DVDs. You’ll need to look at each carefully to see if they support this feature. If not, then you may need to try to contact the developers to ask as it may not be a feature they list, but the app can do it.

    I’d recommend one for you but I don’t know of any. I haven’t made a video DVD is many many years. Fewer and fewer people have DVD players nowadays. Plus, DVDs are only standard definition anyway, as opposed to the HD you can get on streaming services and set-top boxes.

    robert Sigafoos
    3 years ago

    Open the iDVD app. Click on the tree icon. Window shows two boxes. Top (or left) box states โ€œDrag content to automatically play when the disc is inserted.โ€ Under the advanced tab is the Loop option. Ignore the themes box. Under Project tab find Encoding status. After encoding is Done burn DVD. Been using this to create auto-play auto-repeat DVD for years to broadcast on our campus-wide TV channel automaticaly.

    Carlos Rivera
    3 years ago

    Thx Robert – will give that a try.

    Gary – I recognize this is ‘old school’ but so are some of my family members ๐Ÿ˜€

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