Forum Question: Create Snow Leopard VM within Lion using VMware 3.1.3

There are many web pages that explain how to create a Snow Leopard VM on a MAC running Lion. For non-professionals the articles are too complex. Can you break down the steps for us?
System: iMac (2010) running Lion. VMware Fusion 3.1.3
I have the install DVD’s for both SL server and SL operating.
Robert Behrens

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    9/12/11 @ 8:10 pm

    I didn’t think that was possible. First, I know that Snow Leopard doesn’t support being run in a virtual machine. That is a new feature of Lion. Now that is not to say that you can “hack” Snow Leopard to run in a VM, but it isn’t something supported out of the box.
    The other thing is that I’m not sure what VMWare Fusion supports. I know that Parallels supports, as of last week, the ability to run Lion in a virtual machine. But I haven’t heard whether VMWare supports that (yet).

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