Forum Question: Credit Card details submitted while using Iphone 4 app store

I’ve started using the App Store on my new Iphone 4. The application asked me to enter my details, including credit card etc. I did so and so far so good…all free apps! But should I be worried abt Apple sitting pretty with my credit card details? My other fear is that while downloading a paid app, say Apple is making the auto-transaction while I wait for it to install, what if I get a call… won’t the broken connection spoil the transaction and possibly lead to double billing, since I’m not manually entering it?

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    4/27/11 @ 4:14 pm

    Apple has millions of credit card numbers. What is your fear? Anyone you have ever paid with a credit card potentially has your info. Out of all of those companies (restaurants, shops, etc) do you fear that Apple, Inc., the second largest corporation in America is going to suddenly go bad? Think Steve Jobs is going to charge us all $100 on or cards and run off to some island?
    As for a call breaking the data connection: doesn’t happen on AT&T. It does happen on Verizon, but it will just mean the download will stop. You won’t be double billed. Apple knows what they are doing and credit card systems are sophisticated enough to know how to prevent mistakes like that.

    6/10/11 @ 8:27 pm


    i have iphone 4, 32 gb. i want to download the free applications listed on the iphone store. while downloading it is asking for the credit card information, even though i have tried to download free application. my ipod dont have the option ‘None’. can i provide the credit card information? will they charge for the freee applications? thanks in advance for your help.

      6/10/11 @ 8:30 pm

      You need to create an iTunes account to be able to download items, even free ones, from the iTunes store. You won’t get charged for anything as long as you only download free items.

        7/13/11 @ 12:28 pm

        hi Gary,

        I just downloaded facebook app from i tunes that is completely free.. but my account was debited with 1USD and that too twice.. i had purchased nothing from iTunes in past and facebook was my first app just after creating the account.. can you help me with this why apple deducted the money.??

          7/13/11 @ 1:19 pm

          Which app did you download, exactly? Name and company.
          What did you iTunes receipt say? Which item was listed as $1?
          Did you contact Apple about it?

    12/8/11 @ 6:11 am

    Hi, I am new to iPhone. I purchased my husband an iPhone-4S from Verizon. He downloaded a free game, and said he was required to provide his credit card info. In the past, with my LG phone, anything I’ve downloaded have gone right onto my Verizon bill. I am concerned about whether it’s legit that he was required to give credit card info to download rather than be charged on the Verizon bill as always. Can you tell me whether I need to be worried about the security of our account information, or whether this is simply SOP on an iPhone, regardless of carrier or place of purchase? Thanks!

      12/8/11 @ 7:54 am

      If he entered his credit card as part of creating a new iTunes account with Apple then yes, that is the way to do it. To buy apps on the iPhone (and music and videos and books, etc) you go through Apple and not your mobile wireless carrier. So you have to establish an account with Apple/iTunes and use a credit card to do that.

    12/22/11 @ 7:53 am

    Hi Gary, I just bought iPad recently and I’m very new to apple product. The problem is when I downloaded my first app, they said it was free so i download it even though I hd to submit my credit card no. But the day after that, I check my acount and my account was debited $1 AU . Why is it like that? Btw, the app that I downloaded is Skype and that wa my first time downloading from ipad. Pls help? Thanks a lot.

      12/22/11 @ 9:02 am

      You should have gotten an email receipt from Apple stating exactly what you purchased. You can also using iTunes on a Mac or PC and view all of your receipts there. (Store, View My Account then “view all” under purchase history.)
      I’d check that out to see what the deal is.

    1/23/12 @ 10:42 pm

    I got new 4s, wanted to download apps from apple store but the language is not English how can I change to English
    Please advice thank you

      1/23/12 @ 11:02 pm

      Go to the Settings app. Then General. Then International. Look for the Language setting.

    2/16/12 @ 8:08 pm

    So it’s not a risk , I wish you could say that to my dad and make my sister stand corrected .

    2/16/12 @ 8:09 pm

    So it’s not risky at all . I wish you could say that to my dad . And make my sister stand corrected .

    2/21/12 @ 4:27 am

    When i tried to download a free app for my ipod touch through my apple it, the app store was asking for my credit card details bt i dont have any.. There dont have any None option as such.. How can i dwnload free apps without giving my credit card details?? Pls help!!

      2/21/12 @ 7:54 am

      Sounds like your iTunes account isn’t fully set up. Try accessing it via iTunes on your computer. Or call iTunes support to find out its status.

    Jack Weibel
    3/8/12 @ 12:39 pm

    Gary, Many thanks for MacMost. I am going on a Caribbean cruise and I plan to take my iPhone, but I don’t want to be slammed with outrageous data download charges from foreign countries. How can I avoid that? Thanks!

      3/8/12 @ 12:47 pm

      Call or visit your carrier’s site. See what they offer for traveling.

    7/18/12 @ 4:01 am

    i have a new ipad2 wifi and i dont want to give card information .
    is there any other option to get apps and i tunes

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