Forum Question: Data loss between iMac and Samba Server

Hi, I am having an issue where I am saving photo files to a Samba server and when I read the m back to my iMac or my Macbook Pro, there is a variance in the colour and some of the image there in. When I retrieve & read said same from a Windows laptop the files are fine, no variation from the original at all.
This is frustrating and confusing. Does anyone have any thoughts or understanding of what is transpiring?

Thanks in anticipation of your consideration of my quandry.

— Peter De Blanc

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    4/4/10 @ 7:54 am

    So you are saying that when you look at the images before you move them to the server and then look at them after you move them to the server, they look different? Are you sure you are using the same program to view the images each time? Are the filesnthe same size each time (down to the byte).

      Peter De Blanc
      4/6/10 @ 6:40 am

      Hi Gary

      thanks for you reply. In answer to your question, yes the same program is being used to view them. Interestingly it is only occurring between the 10.6 Macbook Pro and the Samba server, i.e, the same files are fine between the Samba Server and 10.5 Macbook Pro, and between the Samba Server and a Windows laptop, but not on the Snow Leopard system, on that even when viewing the icons or thumbnails on the Samba Server they change. It is really weird.
      Today the guy even rebuilt and completely reinstalled the ground up, on a new, clean hard disk, but still the same issue. Could it be something to do with Snow Leopard? Something obscure?
      It is like the same error, three lines across the image and a variance in the image, as in, a displacement of certain sections of the images.
      Any ideas?

        4/6/10 @ 6:55 am

        I have no idea what could be causing this. But I don’t know anything about Samba Servers.

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