Forum Question: Deauthorize computer on iTunes account

How do I deauthroize a computer that belongs to my “x” so that he cannot access my iTunes account through that computer? I just want to take that one off of the list. I do not have five on my list.

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    4/10/11 @ 8:21 pm

    If you don’t have access to that computer, then you’ve got to call Apple. Have them de-authorize all of the computers registered to your iTunes account.
    Of course, first if you simply change the password on your iTunes account you will pretty much cut him off from access. But he will still be able to play DRM content (purchased movies, for instance).
    So change the password right now. And call Apple to deauthorize.
    Oh, and probably a good time to change all you passwords for all your online services. Especially email.

    4/11/11 @ 4:35 am


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