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Default Font for Composing In Mail

How do I make Helvetica Neue Light Italic the default font for composing in Mail
Raiford Gardiner

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    2 years ago

    All you need to do is to go to Mail, Preferences. Then select Fonts & Colors. Then set the “Message font” using the “Select…” button to the right.

    One thing to keep in mind about fonts in email messages is that if you use a special font the other person would need that font on their computer to be able to see the text the same way. Otherwise, it will revert to a standard font that they do have. I would imagine any Mac or iOS user would have Helvetica Neue Light Italic. But is it available to Windows users? Android users?

    When sending email it is always best to just use standard fonts and never rely on the person on the other end seeing more than basic text and images. If you really need to send someone a specifically-designed layout of text and images of some sort, send a PDF.

    2 years ago

    Yes I’m aware of how it should be able to be done, and those instructions work for almost all fonts, not Helvetica Neue Light Italic, and maybe some others. I note that it is impossible to select Helvetica Neue Light Italic in the font selector box in the top bar of a reply or new mail when composing a new email. I thought maybe you might know a fix for this glitch.

    2 years ago

    Raiford: I am able to set it to the main font, Helvetica Neue, but it doesn’t let you specify the sub font Light Italic. Well, it does, but it only uses “Helvetica Neue” when you start a new message. Maybe it is very aware that recipients are unlikely to be able to see it on the other end.

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