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Default for Remove History Items and Remove Download List Items?

What is the default setting for Remove history items and Remove Download List Items?

I remember changing the setting to manual for both of these when I first got my Mac and now I want to change it to automatically delete but I’m not sure how often.

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    2 years ago

    Whenever you want to figure out the defaults for something like this, the process is simple. Go to System Preferences, Users & Groups. Then create a new user account. Just name it "temp" or something. Then log in to that new account using Fast User Switching (more convenient than logging out and then back in). Skip as much of the setup of the account as you can (use "Set Up Later" for Apple ID, iCloud, Siri, etc). Then check the setting you want, in this case Safari, Preferences. Then when you have the information you need, return to your main account and delete the "temp" one.

    In this case, I was able to learn that the default settings for Remove history items is "After one year" and for "Remove download list items" is "After one day."

    Of course you don't need to use these defaults. Set them up as you like. The defaults won't be the best option for everyone.

    R cox
    2 years ago

    Safari Preferences...General..shows both items and your possible choices. no new user account needed.

    2 years ago

    R cox: But Omar wanted to know the defaults, what they are set to before you have customized them like he had.

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