Forum Question: Deleted e-mails do not go to trash

how do I set yahoo to send my deleted e-mails to the trash using Safari? When I delete my e-mails they are gone and if I by mistake delete one that I don’t want to it is gone forever. I want to set my yahoo e-mail to send all deleted e-mails to the trash until I manually delete them.

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    12/28/10 @ 11:35 pm

    That’s odd behavior. You say you are using Safari to check your Yahoo email? So you are using their web-based interface. It should be the same for any browser. Are you sure it isn’t storing the email in some sort of trash folder? Maybe just not the one you are looking at.
    I would ask Yahoo support — yea, I know they don’t really have any support. But perhaps there is a Yahoo email forum where people discuss issues like this?
    I’m not a fan of Yahoo email myself as they have an inferior “free” product when compared to Gmail. Plus they kind of hold you hostage by making you pay if you want to forward your email — so if you decide to switch away from them you have to pay them to forward your email. Not cool.

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