Forum Question: Deleteing Email On Phone but Not Laptop?

I have a iPhone 4s for work and I also have email on my Laptop, how do i set the phone so that it does not delete the mail on my Laptop when I delete on Phone
Andy Kirton

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    10/28/11 @ 6:44 am

    The answer depends on your email server. If you are using an ISP, corporate or custom server, is it POP or IMAP?
    If you are not using one of those, what service are you using? iCloud? Gmail? Yahoo? Something else?
    The best answer is to use IMAP. With IMAP email, the messages are “in the cloud.” This allows you to access your messages from multiple devices. You inbox and other mailboxes “sync” with the server. So you see the same inbox everywhere. You move a message from the inbox to another folder and the change is reflected on all of your devices. You delete a message, and you see it deleted on all devices. You compose a new message and send it, and you see that message in your “sent” email folder everywhere.
    If you use a service like iCloud, then you are using an IMAP-like server and you are set. If you use Gmail, then you have the option to use it like IMAP and you should choose that. Exchange servers are also like this.
    So it is only POP email that forces you to do work-arounds to use your mail on multiple devices. You have to do things like check off “don’t delete email on the server” on each device. But even then your “sent” messages never sync and you may have to maintain the inbox on each device separately. It is a pain. So upgrade or switch to IMAP. If you are using an ISP/corporate/custom mail server, you may find that it is a matter of going into your controls on the web site and switching. Or, consulting with your IT department or ISP customer service.

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