Forum Question: Deleting apps from Adobe CS4

Hi Gary,

I bought Adobe CS4 as I want to learn to create websites on Dreamweaver, which is a great application. As you know I’m just an amateur and not a professional web designer or anything.

Therefore I don’t need a whole lot of other stuff that came with it eg Adobe Bridge, Contribute, Drive, Extension manager, Fireworks etc

I want to delete the stuff I don’t need/understand but I’m worried that they might all be linked and have drivers and other stuff so if I do then Dreamweaver might not work.

What can I safely delete without risking Dreamweaver?



— Amir

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    7/22/10 @ 2:08 pm

    I know when you install CS4 you can choose which applications to install. So maybe just uninstall everything and then re-install only Dreamweaver. Or, try uninstalling everything except Dreamweaver and see how it goes. You can always re-install things from the disc later.
    BTW, Adobe Fireworks is one of my most favorite programs. It find it much more usable than Photoshop, and just as powerful.

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