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Deleting Old Albums Off Of an iPad

I am trying to delete some old albums off my iPad Mini 2, remnants the the switchover from Photo Stream to Photo Library. It is a concern now because the performance on my iPad has gone to pot and I am hoping recovering of a gig of memory might help. I have tried:

1. Directly deleting the Album on the iPad. Not and option.
2. Deleting the photos from the albums. Not and option.
3. Trying to use Workflow to delete the photos. The workflow completes, but, as expected, the photo remains.
4. I read that I need to manage albums from my Mac. The albums do not exists in iCloud tab in Aperture, so I can’t mange them from there.
5. Turn off Photo stream on the iPad. While that turns off the stream, it doesn’t touch the albums.

Any other ideas? I’d like a gig of memory back to see I that will improve the iPad’s performance.
Stephen Magladry

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    6 years ago

    It sounds like you are still syncing your photos from your Mac via iTunes. Is that right? In that case, you'd need to connect your iPad to your Mac and sync. Then, in iTunes, go into the options for that iPad and look at the Photos section. There you should be able to select which photos sync to your iPad. You should be able to choose "All" or specific albums, etc. Simply select fewer albums to sync. Then sync. This should remove all of the photos not specified.

    This is the original way you could sync photos, which goes all the way back to the first iPhone. Photos synced through iTunes are stored separately from photos taken on your iPad or arriving there from other method such as Photo Stream. You need to control these photos through iTunes on your Mac and syncing.

    Stephen Magladry
    6 years ago

    Thanks Gary,

    I have enjoyed you site for its deep and wide font of knowledge for many years. Today is no different as my iPad had about 7 gigs of photos now gone. I will more selective bring albums. I can also check if all that extra headroom will restore performance on the ol' iPad Mini 2.

    I appreciate your answer.

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