Forum Question: Deleting very large Trash on Mac

I got into some space problems and tried to delete a number of very large files I had moved to trash – using snow leopard – tried everything I could think of but it dies every time.
size of trash is almost 250MB.
Marcia Haskell

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    11/1/10 @ 10:57 am

    250MB isn’t very large. I work with video, so my trash is often filled with many files that are larger than a GB.
    What happens, exactly, when you try to empty the trash? Is there an error message? Something else?
    Have you tried to force-empty the trash? (Hold down the option key, then select Empty Trash in the Finder menu).
    Also, are you logged in as a normal “admin” user?

    Hilary McDaniel
    12/2/10 @ 2:32 pm

    I’m struggling w/the learning curve. I installed Opera and want to
    uninstall it. I don’t care for it because I don’t know how to set it up right. I don’t like having 9 little boxes instead of a home page. I tried dragging the Opera “O” to the trash. That didn’t work. Also, how do I uninstall anything I don’t want to keep? thank you for your help. And yes, I’m about as illiterate as they come when it comes to IMac

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