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I’m a fourteen-year-old in the USA. I guess I’ve finally brought into the whole ‘Mac-Apple altar’ thing. I have experience with them (my bro’s macbook from 2006 and the 2007(?) iMacs in my music/tech class) and honestly, they OWN Windows-based PC’s, at least in my opinion. I’m actually so desperate that I installed a dock, expose`, and widgets on my Vista desktop. Lol.

I have some questions:

IF I come into some money (by playing gigs or selling something), what would you do if you were a student who did basic web-surfing, gaming, and typed projects? A MacBook or a Mac mini?

Would I expect a decent computer from e-Bay or Amazon?

Is 80 gigs space enough for the aforementioned purposes?

Thank you. Even if I don’t get one very soon, there’s always more time.

— Joe

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    10/25/09 @ 9:02 pm

    Any Mac is fine for basic Web surfing. But for gaming, I’d go with something better. If all you can afford is a MacBook or a mini, the mini will get you more power but probably still not ideal for gaming. So you might want to save a little more and get one of the new iMacs. As for 80gigs, you’ll ant way more than that, but even the most basic new Mac has much more.

    Gary McNeil
    10/27/09 @ 7:14 pm

    I am sixteen and got my macbook about six months ago. I did tons of research on macs because I had never had one before. The price difference between the white macbook and macbook pro 13 is not enough to save from getting a white macbook. I have the late 2008 macbook aluminum 2.4 and I love it and will never go back to windows. Plus being a student the macbook pro is a lot better then the mini which you can’t take with you.

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