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Desktop picture upside down

Hey Gary a friend of mine has a picture he took with his iPhone and imported to iPhoto. He try using that sand picture as a desktop picture and every time it appears upside down. I suggested dragging photo from iPhoto and putting on desktop and try to manually drag and still no joy. Even suggested turning picture upside down. Any thoughts?

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    10 years ago

    The photo probably contains orientation information from when it was taken by the iPhone. He was holding it upside down — not that it matters. But when used in iPhoto, it knows the right way to orient the photo. But guess the Desktop Picture system preferences doesn’t.
    I would Export (not drag out, which makes a copy) from iPhoto as a JPG image. Then use that exported image.
    Or, drag it out of iPhoto and open in Preview. See if it is oriented properly. If not, then rotate and export from there. If so, then export anyway and see if that new export works better.

      8 years ago

      Import to iPhoto, then use the ‘share/set desktop’ option.

    10 years ago

    Worked! Thanks. He exported

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