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Diary Application for Mac

hi gary
i need a good diary for my mac where i not only write my daily feelings but can make charts etc.. for my daily activities i have the clover diary but its too small something like effecient diary in windows is there any thing like this for mac i shall purchase it !!!

— nirja

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    10 years ago

    By diary, do you mean something where you write down things and they are private, just on your Mac. Or do you mean blogging software where you write things and they are published to the Internet?
    I’m not familiar with any software that does the first — though I image there are several. As for the second, I always prefer Web-based interfaces instead of applications for blogging.

    David Alison
    10 years ago

    You should give Journler a try:

    I used it to replace Microsoft OneNote when I switched from Windows to Mac a couple years ago. Really nice, simple application.

      10 years ago

      I’ve been using Journler for at least 3.5 years now and though it is out of development it is a rock solid journaling app.
      I use it every day.

      I’m not sure about charts, but you can import anything from audio from a live lecture to videos you make of yourself.

    10 years ago

    Do you mean something like this?

    It know it’s web-based, but if what you’re after is similar to that, it will help people find you something that runs on your mac. :)

    Jerry Bunkers
    10 years ago

    Journler is good, but since it’s been discontinued, my new favorite journaling software is MacJournal, from Not only can you keep a daily journal, or diary, but you can also use it to write a blog, plus you can sync your journals across multiple Macs as it integrates with MobileMe. You can download a free trial from their website to see if you like it.

    9 years ago

    Check out It’s a very simple, clean, and easy-to-use diary application.

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