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I have 20+ iMacs in my classroom and do not want keychain to remember my student’s log-in information. They are required to log-in to be able to access the internet and keychain constantly pops up. I always tell them to deny but this doesn’t always happen. I recently ran into a problem where one student was trying to access blocked sites under another student’s log-in info. It was a huge mess. What settings should I change?

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    3/10/11 @ 11:58 pm

    I’m not sure I understand the problem. If they have to log in to their accounts, then they need a password. Keychain shouldn’t save the password for an account login. Is that what it is doing? I’ve never seen that. Perhaps it is an option, but the default would be to have to enter your password to access your account each time.
    It is hard for me to simulate what you might be seeing. I know all of the Macs I have set up have multiple accounts and the password is required each time to log in. Keychain never enters the picture for account logins.

      3/11/11 @ 7:16 am

      Sorry for the confusion. They have to login when they start safari.

        3/11/11 @ 7:48 am

        OK, now I’m even more confused. You usually don’t need to login when you start a single application.
        Or, do you mean they login online? They launch Safari (that runs) and then they are sent to a page that asks them for account information. Until they provide that information they can’t browse to other web pages. I that it?
        In that case it is the Safari autofill feature that is storing the password, right?
        If so, then you should be able to simply disable autofill in Safari. Have you tried that?
        Or, go into Keychain Access, search for that password item, and try changing its permissions.
        Another option is to find it in Keychain Access, delete it. Then log in yourself and when it asks you if you want to remember the password, specify “never for this site.”

          3/11/11 @ 3:47 pm

          Yes you are correct about logining online. Safari launches and then they are given a dialog box to login to. I will try the options you suggested. Thanks

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