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Disk Image & Dropbox

I don’t want another user acct. on my MBP. I want to password protect one of my dropbox folders. If I create a disk image and place the intended dropbox folder in it, then place the disk image back into dropbox, will this work ? I assume I would have to unmount the disk image before I could drop more files into it.

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    12 years ago

    Try it.
    Just give it a test and see if it works how you would like.
    DropBox (I assume you mean the commercial extension DropBox, not the Public Folder/Dropbox) would just treat the disk image as a single file. So you should be able to open it, change stuff in it, then unmount the disk image. Then Dropbox will just sync it to the server.
    But no need to guess or ask, just try it.

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