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Disk Utility RAID – How do you know if a disk goes bad?

I’m thinking about setting up a RAID0 using the Disk Utility RAID options. My question is, now do you get warnings/errors/hardware failure notifications? Is this something that you do manually? On external RAID enclosures, there are usually lights signaling the health of the RAID.

Any and all suggestions are welcomed.
Thank You.

— Finch

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    10 years ago

    I’ve set this up, but only as an experiment. So I’ve never had a RAID like this running long enough to worry.
    Drives today are self-repairing, whether RAID or not. Which means they will take care of bad blocks and such without you worrying about it.
    I suppose you could run Disk Utility first aid everyone once in a while to check on disk health.

      10 years ago

      Thanks Gary, now for the million dollar question: can you suggest a reliable and cost effective hardware RAID (w/firewire conection)? I was looking at the Guardian Maxim*s, but have read mixed reviews.

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