Forum Question: DLing a Cal event on iPhone versus on Mac

DLing a Cal event from the web onto my Mac is great. It saves me a lot of typing. I tried that on the iPhone when on the iPhone’s web, but instead it subscribed me to a Cal instead of just inputting the event details. Now I have another Calendar on the iPhone that I don’t want and can’t delete it. It’s a Calendar of 1 event. I also couldn’t delete that one event as it doesn’t give me the red delete button. I can shut it off as I can shut off the Birthdays calendar.

I also have MobileMe, but that Subscribed Calendar and its one event won’t show up on iCal on my Mac??

— Royce

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    9/9/10 @ 10:46 pm

    Try syncing the iPhone with iTunes and then see if that calendar appears in iTunes under the calendars for that iPhone. You should be able to delete it from there by using the iTunes interface.

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