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Do all USB Hubs Work With Mac?

Does all USB Hubs works with mac?
Just wanna know cuz im going to buy an USB hub 7 port where it does not stand about support for the diffrent OSs

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    10 years ago

    Yes. The “U” in USB stands for Universal. Any USB hub should work with any device that uses a USB hub.
    But keep in mind two things:
    1. A powered USB hub is far more useful than a non-powered one. Without power (and AC plug that allow connects to the hub) you can only connect a few very lower powered devices. Not very useful. But they are cheaper so sometimes advertisements push them.
    2. Make sure it is a USB2 hub, then USB 1. Almost all are USB2 nowadays. But for a while you could still find USB 1 hubs, and they were cheap so people would buy them thinking they are getting a bargain. USB 1 is much slower.

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