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Do I Ditch My Expensive 32-bit Scanner or Buy Exact Scan?

With Catalina, my very good and very expensive Fujitsu 32-bit scanner will not work. Fujitsu has no intention of updating to accommodate 64 bit. Might Exact Scan be an option? But it’s no longer in the App Store. Any thoughts?

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    4 years ago

    Up to you, really. VueScan is another app to look at.

    I opted to simply connect my old Fujitsu to an older MacBook Pro that I had in the closet and got it working on that in case I need it. But I'd only use that if some 20+ page document fell into my lap that I really needed to digitize. I don't get much paper into my office anymore as I do my best to avoid paper.

    For shorter things I just use my iPhone to scan. Quick and easy, right to iCloud Drive.

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