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Do I Need To Encrypt My Time Machine Backups?

Backing Up a New 13″ MacBook Pro. I want to back-up my new MacBook Pro to my 1TB Time Machine disk that I used with my MacBook Air. The following message came up when the backup started: Backup Not Encrypted, Time machine is backing up to an unencrypted disk. I didn’t see any option to set the backup to encrypted or not. Will the backup be useless or will it be fine?
Thank you.

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    2 years ago

    The backup will be fine. Encryption is security. If someone were to steal your Time Machine drive they could then access the files on it if they wanted. So you have to weigh that against how likely that is to happen and how important your data is.

    If you really want to start your Time Machine backup over again, but as an encrypted backup, then Apple has instructions here:

    2 years ago

    Thank you, the instructions you shared, above, helped me solve the problem. All's good!!

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