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Do I Need To Update Default Shell To zsh From bash Now?

Using System Preferences, changing from Bash to zsh; my question relates to the Warning at top of text box. Is this just a standard warning as I don’t want to prevent myself from logging back into my account? Appreciate any advice. Thank you, Art C

Per Apple, Bash is old/outdated and users should use zsh. Is this necessary to do now? In the future? Not at all?
Art C

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    3 years ago

    That is up to you. Since zsh is now the default, and I like to use the defaults unless there is a good reason not to, I switched to zsh. But if you have a good reason to use bash as you default, then do what you want. It is easy to switch between them or open a new Terminal window to any one you want. It is just a default -- so a matter of convenience really.

    Jean T
    3 years ago

    Can you explain how to change the shell to zsh please

    3 years ago

    Jean: System Preferences, Users and Groups, then unlock. Then Control+click on your user from the list and select Advanced Options. Change Login Shell to /bin/zsh
    Also check in Terminal, Preferences, General to make sure the default shell is being used.

    jean turner
    3 years ago

    Many thanks Gary - all done!

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