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Do I Really Need the Boom 3d Software On My Mac?

I have a pair of Bose desktop speakers plugged into my headphone port on my iMac. I have used my iMac for years this way to increase the quality of the sound coming out of my Mac. I used this software as there was no system wide equalizer to customize the sound coming out of my Mac. Has anything changed? Do I ready need to continue using the Boom 3D software?


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    4 years ago

    Hard for me to say since I don't have those speakers.

    So why not try it without the software? Can you just turn it off? If not, uninstall it. Then see if it makes a difference.

    A system-wide equalizer sounds like a nice feature, though. Did this software come with the speakers? Do you have a reason why you don't want to use the software? Is there a negative?

    Tony Staples
    4 years ago

    I sometimes find that the Boom software interferes with sound on some apps such as Skype for example. I believe the sound it gives is great. It also muted FaceTime.

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