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Do Various E-transfer Methods Handle JPGs Equally Well?

There are so many ways now to get photos (jpgs usually) from our computers to distant destinations – – CloudApp, iCloud, Dropbox, countless galleries, “old-fashioned” email attachments, etc. Can any of these methods be singled out as more or less detrimental to the quality of the photo as it arrives at its destination?
John Russell

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    11 years ago

    Well in any situation where you are uploading a file as a file, then the file should arrive at its destination intact.
    But images aren't always handled like files. For instance, choosing a photo to email on the iPhone will create a smaller compressed image to send. Likewise, if you choose an image to attach using Apple Mail on the Mac, you get a barely-noticable pop-up menu at the bottom right corner of the message window to let you pick the compression level, or whether to send the original.
    Uploading to DropBox should get you the original file, but I'd check their site to see if they mention anything about that. Or, try it. There may be a difference between uploading to a regular DropBox folder against using their special photo gallery function.
    So I guess the answer is to take it on a case by case basis. Either they deal with the file as a file, or they re-compress.

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