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Do You Recommend MacKeeper Software?

My fairly new (since April) Mac OS X 10.6.8 has been a bit slow lately, with the rainbow wheel making a few appearances the past few days. Thinking it might help TO CLEAN IT, I downloaded the “free” MacKeeper cleaner. I followed the directions and moved it to the Applications folder, then from there, onto the Dock. I stopped then, and thought I’d better check with you before following the steps to install it. Is this a good thing to do? Are there any negative points to it? If I decide not to install it at this point, is it easy to get rid of since the ‘package’ isn’t opened and completely installed? So appreciate your time! P.S. I feel a bit foolish asking, but, if you do recommend it, is it an easy program to use? I’m still new at all of this! Thanks again, Gary! —–

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    11 years ago

    No, I do not recommend MacKeeper. As far as I know it doesn't do anything that OS X doesn't already do.
    As for steps to install it, I would just follow whatever instructions come with it. If the installer asks you to drag it to the Applications folder, then I would do that -- it is a typical way to install new applications. You don't need to put it in your Dock unless you plan on running it often. The Dock is just a convenient way to run applications. You can always run it from the applications folder, or use the Spotlight menu or one of many other methods to run it when you want.
    But I'm a little confused about your next step. You said it is a package file? If so, then that package file is an installer, and not an application. Instead of moving it to the Applications folder you should just leave that in your Downloads folder and run it from there. It will then install itself in the Applications folder, and perhaps other elements to other folders (like your system Library folder, etc).
    I don't review software on a regular basis (the idea is MacMost is a how-to site, not really a software review site), but MacWorld has reviewed Mac Keeper here:

      11 years ago

      Thank you, Gary, for your advice and the link for the review on Mackeeper! After reading about it, I don't think I'll be using it at this time. I am learning as I go along, and don't want to add anything that is not necessary on here, or that would cause more problems. I highly value your expertise, and trust your recommendations. As you said, the Mac is able, so please, just tell me how to get rid of this!

      It is listed in the 'Applications' file as:

      MacKeeper.pkg. ... 233KB ... Installer Package

      The icon for it is in the dock. Should I just send both of those to the trash? Will that completely get rid of it, since I have not installed it yet? Thanks ever so much!

        11 years ago

        If it is a .pkg and you haven't run it, then you haven't installed it at all. Just delete the pkg file and remove the shortcut to it that you placed in your Dock.

      10 years ago

      Ok I will tell anyone I know

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    11 years ago

    Yes i definitely agree with Gary. I had my iMac sent away to get the screen replaced,and i asked the spokes person about this topic, and she said if you install this application your warranty is void. I went to the MacKeeper site and read the small print,and it said, more or less its your responsibility. They take no blame if something happens to your computer through this application. I contacted MacKeeper,and it well over 3 months now, and i have received no reply. To get rid of it just do what Gary said. To me why people load this down and install it, because it has Mac has the start of the title. Hope this helps you further.

    10 years ago

    Hi Mr Anthony and others here, do not recommend MacKeeper. I'm concerned that all the negative comments are based on what other people say and not from actual experience.
    Also you mentioned about your warranty being void if you install MacKeeper. But which warranty are you referring to? Are you referring to hardware warranty?
    As far as MacKeeper taking no blame if something happens to your computer, isn't all third party applications have the same disclaimer?

    I've just recently installed and purchased MacKeeper. I'm on it's 2nd day of use and it seemed to have helped in cleaning up my computer and seems to have fixed my browser from going slow or sometimes from failing.

    My main concern right now is that I purchased the software BEFORE I started reading the bad reviews. Looking back I probably wouldn't have purchased if I knew there are so many people not recommending it.
    The thing is I have paid $80 already (two licenses) and now am feeling reluctant to uninstall it and I'm thinking I'll just give it a try for awhile. Am I being stupid for delaying to uninstall this application? We'll see.
    Also somebody did an exhaustive review of MacKeeper, where this person did not recommend it as he was able to provide multiple free software that could do the job (actually one he recommended also cost some money). But perhaps the reason MacKeeper is worth purchasing is the fact that it is an ALL-IN-ONE application which will save you time from purchasing all the other 7-8 free applications this person recommended. Below is the link:
    What do you all think?

      10 years ago

      From what i've read its an app that preys on new mac users, who use similar software for their windows PCs. I'm sure it really was worth the money then Gary would whole heartedly recommend.
      I will agree that sometimes all-in-one suites are very good especially for people who dont like to tinker about with different softwares that can do the same job for free.
      If it does your computer no harm then use it, and remember there are people in this world who have lost alot more than $80

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