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Do You Suggest Installing a VPN Service?

Hi, I’ve been wondering if it’s a good move to install a VPN service in my devices. If so, do you suggest anyone in particular?

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    2 years ago

    Depends on your situation. If you use your devices mostly at home and trust your own network then there’s not much need. If you use an iPhone over a mobile network (phone company) then those are encrypted too.

    But if you have to use your devices over Wi-Fi you don’t trust, like at hotels, cafes, etc, then it could be a good idea. Although most sites we visit today use https (secure SSL) anyway, so the only thing VPN is really doing for you is masking which sites you visit, not what you are doing at the sites. And if you do access a site without https, it will cover you. But I can’t see that being a problem since anything that needs to be secure is these days.

    I’ve tried many and they all are so-so. Sometimes it can be difficult to connect if the Wi-Fi is bad and keeps dropping. Such is often the case at places with public Wi-Fi so it can be frustrating. I’m currently using Private Internet Access ( and it seems to work fine on my Mac and iOS devices. But I haven’t travelled far with it yet.

    2 years ago

    Thanks very much, Gary Your explanation has been very helpful.

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