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Do You Use Siri On Your Mac or MacBook Pro?

Does anyone out there use Siri on their computer(s)? I have a MBP and am annoyed as hell every time my little finger finds Siri’s button. I use Siri for adding olive oil, bread, washers and the like to lists like Grocery and Tools and I love having Siri, “Turn the Hallway ON” when I’m bumbling down said dark passageway. My point being that I use Siri in a limited manner, reminder lists and lamp outlets, but not at all from my MacBook. Are there commands from my laptop I’m missing out on? I don’t use dictation, not because I’m not over-filled with words (ask Gary) but have yet to find an application for “her”. Anyone?
Thank you.
John Stires

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    4 years ago

    On my Mac, I mostly use Siri to add things to my Reminders list. I try to keep my inbox empty, so asking her to remind me of an email so I can respond at the appropriate time is huge for me. I use a Siri for a lot of other things too, but I have my HomePod in my office, so it is technically my HomePod answering questions about the weather and such.

    John Stires
    4 years ago

    Thanks, Gary; happy travels. I need make my question more specific. I'm never without my iPhone or iPad in the room.

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