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Does Anyone Know Of a Website Like Google Sheet for Apple Numbers?

I have looked through a lot of the MacMost tutorials but didn’t find the answer I’m looking for.

Working with google sheets is very helpful because multiple family members are able to access and edit spreadsheets “live” so the rest of the family can see the changes as soon as they are made regardless of whether they own a PC or Mac. This is a really good and a very convenient feature.

On the other hand it’s not without unique issues because of course apple numbers can not be opened within google sheets and therefore will not work “live”. Some family members do not have Microsoft Excel {and don’t want it} and some do not have a Mac to use Numbers.

Yes family members with a Mac can use the live feature of google sheets but would also like the option to upload a Numbers spreadsheet without first having to export it as an Excel file. Of course a google sheet can be downloaded as and Excel, PDF, CSV and a few other formats but of course not as an actual Numbers file.

I realize most of the issues can be solved with workarounds but they can be inconvenient, cumbersome, confusing and have caused errors because not all my family members are good with computers.

So my question is this:
I’ve told my family I doubt there’s any other option or equivalent website like Google Sheets where Apple Numbers and Microsoft Excel can both be uploaded and download and used live in the same way since they are designed for totally different operating systems.

In fact I’m not even aware of any website {including Apple} to even offer a Numbers alone spreadsheet to be used “live” like google sheets. Am I wrong?

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    2 years ago

    This is actually one of the main features of Numbers (and Pages and Keynote too). It is called Collaboration.

    You have two options. First, you can do this with the Numbers app. It works on Mac, iPhone or iPad. Just use the collaboration feature in Numbers. Add others by choosing Share, Collaborate With Others. You can then work on the same document at the same time.

    If the other person isn't using a Mac, iPhone or iPad, or they just don't happen to have the Numbers app, they can do it in a web browser by going to, logging in with an Apple ID, and using the Numbers web app. Apple ID accounts are free.

    This video is a little old, but the basics are still the same.

    Here is the Numbers help document page:

    Tyler Miller
    2 years ago

    Hey Gary

    Great...I will try this. Thanks very much!


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