Forum Question: Does Apple have promotions at graduation time?

Just curious if Apple traditionally has promotions of its products at this time of year. Know last Fall, had the back to school promotions…do they traditionally have anything in the springtime? Just speculation…I know..but perhaps an indicator as to best time in near future to buy an Apple…thanks

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    4/17/11 @ 8:25 pm

    I don’t recall them ever doing one. I don’t know why they would. They usually do a day-after-Thanksgiving sale. Then they have year-round educational discounts, and sometimes a back-to-school special only for people attached to educational institutions.
    With sales through the roof and Apple Stores as busy as can be, they have little incentive to offer discounts.

      Jim edwards
      5/25/11 @ 7:34 am

      In years past (2006-2008), apple would give away an iTouch and printer with a macbook purchase. I bought my both of my children macbooks under this plan. The sales rep at the apple store tipped me off in May of those years.

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